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BIELOMATIK P45-49 More information

Model P45-49
Built 1989
Categories Spiral Binding Machines
Reference number 7147
Description * configuration:
   - reel stand with double unwind
   - dancer
   - web guide
   - printing tower with 4+4 print units
   - micro perforation
   - cross cutter
   - overlapping section
   - counting and collecting of sheets
   - Mabeg feeders (2*)
   - round corner station
   - separation cut and trimming
   - punching section
   - cover feeding section with separate punch
   - spiral section (both double spiral and single spiral)
   - cover turning (double spiral)
   - wire comb forming machine inline: Bielomatik P34-96
   - stacker
   - shrink foil wrapping machine
   - shrink foil oven
   - delivery
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