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SHM PEMCO 1450 More information

Brand SHM
Model PEMCO 1450
Built 2002
Categories Sheeters
Reference number 7160

* equipment:
   - single shaft less reel
   - control tension with pneumatic dancer and
two disc brakes with pneumatic control
   - slitter with 3 complete knife sets
     (top and bottom)
   - cross cutter knife type: rotary top knife and
     static bottom knife
   - servo motor control
   - electronic control of cutting length and square
   - Overlapping with electronic control
   - high pile delivery with hydraulic system
   - electronic sheet counter
   - exhaust system
* max. roll diameter: 2000 mm
* max. web width: 1400mm
* cores:  3', 4', 6', 9' and 12'
* max. knife load: 500 gsm
* range cutting: 297 - 1400 mm
* cut off accuracy: 0,20mm
* max. pile height: 1,80m

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