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BIELOMATIK P22-02 More information

Model P22-02
Built 2013
Categories Cut Size Sheeters
Reference number 7084

* equipment:
   - shaftless unwind station
   - dancer (web tension control)
   - web edge control 
   - slitting station
   - turning station
   - cross cutter
   - overlapping
   - collecting station
   - transport belt
   - Wrapmatic CSW30 packaging machine
   - with reel fed feeder for packaging material
   - transfer belt to:
   - cartonizer CSC60
   - delivery conveyor belt

* electrical specifications: 220 V/60 Hz

* power consumption:
   - 55 KVA (= Bielomatik P22-02)
   - 11 KVA (= Wrapmatic CSW30)
   - 12 KVA (= Cartonizer CSC60)


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